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Ensuring Quality Customer Service by Going Paperless

Paperless storage is fast becoming a staple for many businesses. The benefits that paperless can bring to a company, like increased productivity and efficiency, are well-known. There is another area we rarely consider when we talk about the benefits of

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New and Smart Alternatives to Paper

Office space and office work, when first envisioned, were based on the widespread availability of paper. Starting with the late 1800s, the efficient, cheap production of paper opened new horizons for companies and organizations worldwide. Offices were stacked with piles

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Time Wasters!

What Time Wasters are Killing Your Productivity? Inefficiencies come in all sorts of shapes. While we can’t help you solve all of them, we can help you with a big one: paper waste. And when we say paper waste, we’re

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Digitizing the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has always been the foremost cultural establishment of the United States. Established in 1800 by Congress and signed into law by President John Adams, the Library of Congress was designed to be the top federal cultural

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