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Raise Your Hand If Scanning Makes You Cringe

You’ll Start Scanning … If It’s Easy Enough Who’d blame you if you don’t scan everything? We all know scanning’s a chore. Scanners have been around forever, but most offices still don’t use them. Why? Well, for one thing, no-one

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Client Portals: A Secure Alternative to Email

Most professionals that have been in business for the last 10+ years remember when sharing a file was a time consuming process. Sharing a file meant burning to a CD, floppy disk or even printing out the file and sending

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Cabinets: Using OneDrive or Dropbox

One question that we field regularly goes like this: How can I store my files using OneDrive or Dropbox? Is it even possible? The short answer is, yes, it is possible to store your files using OneDrive or Dropbox. Understanding

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Affiliate Program with FileCenter Paperless Solutions

If there is anything that is constant, it is change in technology. Your customer’s depend on you to provide them with the proper solutions to benefit their business. By offering the FileCenter Paperless products and services through a network of

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How to Be a Digital Hoarder and Still Be Productive

How many files do you have on your computer? How many photos do you have on your phone or tablet? If your answer is in the thousands, then you may be considered a digital hoarder of information, and you’re not alone.

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10 Things I Wish I’d Have Known When We Were First Going Paperless

Sometimes we are so rushed to implement a new project that we don’t sit down and think of all the processes that need to take place to do the job right. In some cases, we can get away with that,

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What are the Advantages of Using FileCenter Pro Over Windows Folders?

FileCenter Pro vs. Windows Folders: What are the advantages of using FileCenter Pro over Managing Windows Folders? Some common questions asked when talking with a business owner looking at using an electronic document management solution are, “Why can’t I just

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How Do You Decide What to Archive: 4 Types of Documents to Start With

With document retention requirements varying by industry as well as state to state, how do you decide what to archive? You may think to yourself that there are so many rules and regulations out there that address document retention. And

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3 Big Benefits of Going Paperless for Small Businesses

If you are the owner of a small business, it may seem like an unachievable task to take your office paperless. You may think that it is easy just to manage the paper files you do have. When you really

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How to Start Putting Your Paperless Office Together

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just snap your fingers like Mary Poppins and your paperless office would be put in place? Unfortunately, we live in reality and the task of building a paperless office can seem daunting. This

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