Lucion Paperless Office Software

Lucion delivers an easy to use, fully-integrated line of paperless office software. Any office or professional can use our paperless office software to simplify their workflow and accomplish more.

What is Your Office Capable Of?

Pull out the speed bumps and run your office at peak performance. Paper-intensive businesses know how easy it is to get mired down. That's why Lucion developed its paperless office software to streamline small businesses. After all, it's not size that matters, it's efficiency and precision.

What Can Paperless Office Software Do for You?

Paperless office software can have an enormous impact on the efficiency of your business. Many businesses avoid paperless office software because scanning and OCR (optical character recognition) are so time-intensive. Lucion designed its paperless office software to make going paperless as easy and automatic as possible, with paperless office software features like one-click scanning and automatic separation and routing.

Paperless Office Software Brings Efficiency

Businesses that implement paperless office software get to files quicker. All of the business files are at your fingertips. Quick access to paperless files leads to greater customer satisfaction. Losing files or taking a long time finding information lowers the customer or client's opinion of the business. Paperless office software can prevent that.

Rapid research and reuse of past work product are also hallmarks of paperless office software. Because you can search the body of the entire collection of business files just like a web search, finding needles in the haystack is effortless. This is made possible by digitizing all of the business paper and making it searchable with paperless office software.

Use Paperless Office Software to Lower Your Risk

Recent disasters have highlighted the need to keep business files securely backed up off-site. While paper is easily destroyed and expensive to store, files digitized with paperless office software can be backed up daily. Use online backup software in addition to your regular backup procedures to protect your paperless office business files on secure servers, far away from your office. Paperless office software protects your business data.

Feature Highlight: Drag/Drop.

FileCenter is fully drag/drop compliant. This means that you can drop into FileCenter from Windows or other programs and drag out of FileCenter to other places. This makes it easy to move files around your computer. Try it with your Outlook e-mail!

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