Paperless Scanning Software:

FileCenter paperless scanning software makes scanning and organizing paper documents so easy, it's almost automatic. Free trial available!

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Need Paperless Scanning Software?

If you're trying to scan and organize paper documents, you need a quick, streamlined solution that won't bog you down. You need paperless scanning software specifically designed to move paper documents to fully-searchable PDF as quickly and easily as possible.

FileCenter paperless scanning software elevates document scanning to an art. Scan and organize in a single mouse click, including intelligent naming and automatic separation. FileCenter paperless scanning software doesn't just make a paperless office possible, it makes it enjoyable.

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Paperless Scanning Software that Separates and Auto-Saves?

FileCenter paperless scanning software uses simple, re-usable cover sheets to intelligently split up your documents and save them. Here's how effortless it is:

Step 1: Print a Cover Sheet
Paper separator pages tell FileCenter where to save your scan and what format to use. You can even re-use existing sheets!
Step 2: Place the Cover Sheet
Put a cover sheet on any document you want to separate and auto-save.
Step 3: Scan and Walk Away
FileCenter paperless scanning software does the work for you! Silent OCR, conversion to PDF, and auto-saving happen without you lifting a finger.

Have a Network Scanner?

Do you need to get searchable PDFs out of your network scanner? Then you're looking for FileConvert, our hands-free, bulk conversion engine with document separation, OCR, watch folders and scheduled jobs.   Learn More »

Use Paperless Scanning Software to Stay Ahead of the Curve

More businesses are using scanning software than ever before. Mail, invoices, legal documents ... smart businesses are more productive and streamlined with electronic files. Besides reducing storage costs, businesses that use scanning software can search their files, pull any file up in seconds, and securely back up their whole repository.

Paperless Scanning Software that's Easy

Busy professionals need to focus on their business, not their scanning software. That's why we offer intuitive paperless scanning software to improve your daily workflow. On the desktop or the network, one-click, effortless paperless scanning software helps you accomplish more, without losing your stride.

FileCenter paperless scanning software uses your desktop scanner to turn paper into searchable PDF with just a mouse click. OCR is automatic and transparent. Anyone can use FileCenter to quickly turn stacks of paper into useful PDF files.
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Feature Highlight: Move It.

FileCenter provides a split window for moving files. Open one location on the top and another on the bottom, then move or copy files between them. You see the files leave and arrive safely. You can even rename files on the fly as you move them!

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