Product Maintenance Plans

A maintenance plan provides free technical support and upgrade protection.

While you'll always have access to minor updates and patches (like from Version 8.0 to 8.1), a current maintenance plan will also give you major updates when they come out (like from Version 8.0 to Version 9.0).

FileCenter Professional and all editions of FileConvert come with a full year of maintenance from the date of purchase, along with the option to renew the plan at the end of a year for a modest fee (see below).

If you choose to not renew the maintenance plan, you can continue to enjoy your current version of the software without restriction. If you choose to upgrade the software later, you will need to pay an upgrade fee. Also, you may be charged for technical support.

Maintenance Renewal Pricing

Maintenance plans are renewed on a per seat basis. In other words, if you have ten licenses of FileCenter Professional, you'll need to pay for ten maintenance plans.

FileCenter Standard$19
FileCenter Professional$39
FileConvert Standard$99
FileConvert Professional$299
FileConvert Pro Plus$599