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Welcome to one-click file scanning software: FileCenter. You don't need the speed bumps that usually come with repetitive scanning. So let FileCenter do the work for you. Easily create searchable PDF files in one click. Automatically separate and route scans. Make scanning and file organization one smooth, streamlined process. Discover how much more you can accomplish with your scanner and FileCenter file scanning software.

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About File Scanning Software

File scanning software helps you use a desktop scanner to turn your paper documents into searchable PDF files. The resulting files are literally pictures of the original document, and the contents of the files can be searched just like any other document. File scanning software works with most TWAIN-compliant scanners.

Why Do You Need File Scanning Software?

Most desktop scanners come with unintuitive scanning software. Better file scanning software integrates cleanly with the scanner and streamlines the scanning process, removing all unnecessary mouse-clicks and taking away the speed bumps. Scanning is well-known to be slow and labor-intensive. But good file scanning software will automate scanning and make it productive.


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Feature Highlight: File Thumbnails.

FileCenter provides a file thumbnail view. Find a digital photo, PDF file, or scanned document quickly by looking at its actual contents instead of a nondescript icon. Of course, FileCenter also provides other file views, like icon and detail views.

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