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Looking for a simple, effective PaperMaster replacement? Come see how FileCenter makes scanning, search, and file management easy and painless, with full support for PDF. Try it FREE!

Scanning & File Management

Need a PaperMaster Replacement?

Many professional users are looking for a PaperMaster replacement, and there is finally a viable option available – FileCenter. Feature-rich and designed with the business user in mind, FileCenter is quickly becoming the PaperMaster replacement of choice.

Get started today with your free trial and accomplish more. Discover the file management solution that's got everyone talking. FileCenter: simple, yet powerful.

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A PaperMaster Replacement for Scanning & PDF Manipulation

Business users are touting FileCenter as a PaperMaster replacement on the merits of its superior document management and fast, easy scanning. Go from paper to fully searchable PDF in just a mouseclick, filing it away at the same time. Enjoy automatic document separation and routing. And take advantage of a full array of PDF manipulation tools. Create PDFs with a mouseclick. Open PDFs for viewing or annotating. And stack PDF files with drag-and-drop simplicity. Get a PaperMaster replacement without sacrificing features.

A PaperMaster Replacement for Professionals

FileCenter is more than a PaperMaster replacement, it's a simple yet powerful system that offers an array of timesaving features, like like full cloud support, file encryption & shredding, easy e-mail attachments, folder templates, smart file naming, and desktop search. Join the discerning business users who are moving to FileCenter as a competitive PaperMaster replacement and discover a professional product designed around professional needs.


I love that FileCenter lets me look at my business files and ignore everything else.

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Feature Highlight: Explorer Integration.

Not only does FileCenter provide an Explorer View in addition to its own Cabinet View, it also integrates all of your Windows Explorer right-click menus. Many programs add nice shortcuts to Windows Explorer. All of these are available in FileCenter!

Look At What FileCenter Has To Offer. PaperMaster Replacement and More!