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Looking for a simple, effective PaperMaster replacement? Come see how FileCenter makes scanning, search, and file management easy and painless, with full support for PDF. Try it FREE!

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Need a PaperMaster Replacement?

Many professional users are looking for a PaperMaster replacement, and there is finally a viable option available – FileCenter. Feature-rich and designed with the business user in mind, FileCenter is quickly becoming the PaperMaster replacement of choice.

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A PaperMaster Replacement for Scanning & PDF Manipulation

Business users are touting FileCenter as a PaperMaster replacement on the merits of its superior document management and fast, easy scanning. Go from paper to fully searchable PDF in just a mouseclick, filing it away at the same time. Enjoy automatic document separation and routing. And take advantage of a full array of PDF manipulation tools. Create PDFs with a mouseclick. Open PDFs for viewing or annotating. And stack PDF files with drag-and-drop simplicity. Get a PaperMaster replacement without sacrificing features.

A PaperMaster Replacement for Professionals

FileCenter is more than a PaperMaster replacement, it's a simple yet powerful system that offers an array of timesaving features, like like full cloud support, file encryption & shredding, easy e-mail attachments, folder templates, smart file naming, and desktop search. Join the discerning business users who are moving to FileCenter as a competitive PaperMaster replacement and discover a professional product designed around professional needs.


FileCenter's organization is so easy to understand. I find myself going where I want without even thinking.

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Feature Highlight: Intelligent Routing.

FileCenter's separator technology goes beyond traditional separators. Separators can give special routing information for files. This means that a stack of paper documents can be separated and routed automatically!

Look At What FileCenter Has To Offer. PaperMaster Replacement and More!