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Looking for simple, effective scan software? Come see how FileCenter makes scanning, search, and file organization easy and painless, with full support for PDF. Try it FREE!

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FileCenter is one-click scan software. Don't waste valuable time with cumbersome scanning. Instead, let FileCenter go to work for you. You will create and organize searchable PDF files in one click. You will automatically separate and route scans. Text recognition happens as an invisible part of the process. Discover how much more you can accomplish with a good desktop scanner and FileCenter scan software.

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About Scan Software

Scan software lets you use your scanner to turn paper documents into electronic files. The files are literally a picture of the original document. This makes it easy to archive or share paper documents electronically, which is ideal for the office that wants to go paperless. Scan software works with TWAIN compatible desktop scanners.

Why Do You Need Scan Software?

Most desktop scanners come with clumsy or feature-poor scanner software. Better scan software integrates seamlessly with your scanner and streamlines the whole scanning process to make scanning fast and easy. Scanning is well-known to be slow and labor-intensive. But good scan software can automate scanning and make it productive.


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Feature Highlight: Add Multiple Items.

Suppose you have a database or list of client names and you want to create a new drawer for each one. No problem! FileCenter will create drawers in bulk from lists or comma-separated files. You can even control the field order and output format.

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