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FileCenter Tutorials
Cabinets - Part 1: The Basics Cabinets - Part 1: The Basics:  Understanding FileCenter cabinets. How to create cabinets from scratch or from existing files. (10:30)
Cabinets - Part 2: Alternate Layouts Cabinets - Part 2: Alternate Layouts:  Alternatives to the standard "cabinet" layout, including explorer views, hiding folders, and displaying drawers in a drop-list. (6:30)
Cabinets - Part 3: Tips & Tricks Cabinets - Part 3: Tips & Tricks:  Helpful features to enhance the way you work with cabinets, like linked drawers, auto-expanding folders, and sorting and filtering the file list. (12:30)
Cabinets - Part 4: Sharing Cabinets Cabinets - Part 4: Sharing Cabinets:  How to share cabinets on a small network. The video covers two scenarios: turning files you're already sharing into a cabinet, and moving files from your personal computer onto the network as a shared cabinet. (5:30)
Cabinets - Part 5: Advanced Cabinets Cabinets - Part 5: Advanced Cabinets:  How to create and use Advanced Cabinets, including "pinning" drawers from other cabinets into a "Daily Appointments" cabinet. (8:00)
Cloud Setup Cloud Setup:  Step-by-step instructions for using FileCenter with some of the more popular Cloud services. (8:15)
(coming soon) Email - Part 1: Sending Files:  How to email files and scans through FileCenter.
(coming soon) Email - Part 2: Archiving Email:  How to archive email messages to file.
Folder Templates Folder Templates:  How to make and use Folder Templates for fast, consistent folder creation. (8:30)
Inbox & Split View Inbox & Split View:  How to use both the Inbox and the Split view to rapidly organize incoming files. (8:00)
Move FileCenter to a New Computer Move FileCenter to a New Computer:  How to move FileCenter to another computer and migrate your cabinets across. (6:00)
Naming Options - Part 1 Naming Options - Part 1:  How to set up and use Naming Options for quickly and automatically naming files, including a description of the dynamic fields. (12:30)
Naming Options - Part 2: Custom Lists Naming Options - Part 2: Custom Lists:  How to draw from lists when you name your files. (5:00)
Network Administration - Part 1: Shared Settings Network Administration - Part 1: Shared Settings:  How to get started using the Admin Tool for sharing cabinets and other settings on larger networks where centralized administration is preferred. (9:00)
Network Administration - Part 2: Deploying FileCenter Network Administration - Part 2: Deploying FileCenter:  How to install FileCenter on client machines and automatically connect them to your shared settings. (5:00)
OCR Basics OCR Basics:  How to perform OCR on existing files in both the Manage view and the Edit view and how to send your OCR text to a word processor. (9:00)
PDF - Digital Signatures PDF - Digital Signatures:  How to create a scanned signature that you can stamp in PDF files, and how to do certificate-based digital signing. (8:00)
PDF - Erase in a PDF PDF - Erase in a PDF:  How to use the eraser tool to remove portions of a PDF page. (2:30)
PDF - Forms and the Typewriter Feature PDF - Forms and the Typewriter Feature:  How to use the typewriter feature to fill out PDF forms and change the typewriter font. (2:00)
PDF - Highlight in a PDF PDF - Highlight in a PDF:  How to use the highlighter tool to highlight items on a PDF page. (3:30)
PDF - Redact in a PDF PDF - Redact in a PDF:  How to use the redaction tool to black out portions of a PDF page. (2:30)
PDF - Stamps PDF - Stamps:  How to use PDF stamps and import your own custom stamps. (6:30)
Save/Open Integration - Part 1: Basics Save/Open Integration - Part 1: Basics:  How to use FileCenter with other programs for saving and opening files. (10:00)
Save/Open Integration - Part 2: Custom Integrations Save/Open Integration - Part 2: Custom Integrations:  How to turn on the Save/Open integration for programs that are not supported by default or de-activate the integration for specific programs. (5:30)
Scanning - Part 1: Basics Scanning - Part 1: Basics:  How to get started scanning in FileCenter, including both in-place scanning and scanning in the Edit view. (11:00)
Scanning - Part 2: Adding Pages to Existing Documents Scanning - Part 2: Adding Pages to Existing Documents:  How to scan new pages into existing documents. (6:00)
Scanning - Part 3: Double-sided Documents Scanning - Part 3: Double-sided Documents:  How to scan double-sided originals, whether your scanner supports double-sided scanning or not. (4:00)
Scanning - Part 4: Using a Flatbed Scanner Scanning - Part 4: Using a Flatbed Scanner:  How to use a flatbed scanner to scan multipage documents. (5:00)
Scanning - Part 5: Scan to a Word Processor Scanning - Part 5: Scan to a Word Processor:  How to scan a document and direct the text to your word processor. How to use a word processor other than Microsoft Word with this feature. (6:30)
Scanning - Part 6: Advanced Scanning Options Scanning - Part 6: Advanced Scanning Options:  Description of the more advanced scanning settings, including examples of how to use scanning profiles. (11:00)
Scanning - Part 7: ScanSnap Scanners Scanning - Part 7: ScanSnap Scanners:  How to set up and use a ScanSnap Scanner with FileCenter. (8:30)
Scanning - Part 8: Scanning Problems Scanning - Part 8: Scanning Problems:  Common scanning problems and how to fix them. (10:30)
Search - Part 1: Indexing Search - Part 1: Indexing:  How to make sure that Windows is indexing your cabinets so they can be searched. (5:30)
Search - Part 2: Search Basics Search - Part 2: Search Basics:  How to get Windows Search working with FileCenter and execute common searches. (6:30)
Search - Part 3: Search Queries Search - Part 3: Search Queries:  How to enter search terms and format search queries. How to narrow or expand your results. (9:00)
Search - Part 4: Search File & Folder Names Search - Part 4: Search File & Folder Names:  How to search for files and folders by name. (6:30)
Search - Part 5: Tag Searching Search - Part 5: Tag Searching:  How to use tags in files and search by tag. (11:45)
Search - Part 6: Search Problems Search - Part 6: Search Problems:  Common problems with searching and how to resolve them. (11:30)
Separators - Part 1: Basics Separators - Part 1: Basics:  Getting started with separators. How to print and use the "Generic Separator". (6:30)
Separators - Part 2: Separate into Folders Separators - Part 2: Separate into Folders:  How to create and use separators that will automatically name your documents and optionally file them into subfolders. (10:00)
Separators - Part 3: File Routing Separators - Part 3: File Routing:  How to create and use separators that will automatically route your documents into pre-determined, fixed locations or split apart a stack at fixed intervals. (10:00)
FileCenter Feature Highlights
Cabinets Explained Cabinets Explained:  How FileCenter uses Windows folders to create cabinets. (1:30)
Cloud Operation Cloud Operation:  FileCenter is fully compatible with most cloud services. (1:00)
Standardized Folder Layouts Standardized Folder Layouts:  Pre-defined folder layouts lend consistency to your drawers. (1:30)
Scanning & Filing with an Inbox Scanning & Filing with an Inbox:  Using an Inbox to quickly file incoming documents. (1:00)
Standardized File Names Standardized File Names:  Pre-defined file names make file naming quick and consistent. (1:30)
Easy Network Sharing Easy Network Sharing:  Cabinets can be shared easily on an office network. (1:30)
Seamless OCR Seamless OCR:  Built-in, unobtrusive OCR can pull text from your scans or make PDFs searchable. (1:30)
PDF Stacking & Other Tools PDF Stacking & Other Tools:  Combine and manipulate your PDFs right inside of your cabinets. (1:00)
Powerful PDF Editor Powerful PDF Editor:  FileCenter's built-in PDF editor helps you view and edit your PDF files. (1:00)
Previewing Files Previewing Files:  FileCenter's preview window lets you take a look at your files without opening them. (1:00)
Rapid Scanning Rapid Scanning:  How FileCenter takes clicks and effort out of scanning. (1:30)
Saving & Opening Files Saving & Opening Files:  FileCenter works with any kind of file and most Windows programs. (1:00)
Find Files Quickly Find Files Quickly:  Search your files as easily as you search the web. (1:15)
Faster Scanning with Separators Faster Scanning with Separators:  How separator sheets can automate most of your scanning and filing. (2:00)
FileCenter 9 Standard FileCenter 9 Standard:  Overview of the new features available in FileCenter 9 Standard. (7:00)
FileCenter 9 Professional FileCenter 9 Professional:  Overview of the new features available in FileCenter 9 Professional. (13:00)
FileCenter Overview
Introducing FileCenter Introducing FileCenter:  FileCenter helps you take control of your PC files. (2:30)
File Management File Management:  Overview of file management in FileCenter. (3:00)
PDF Features PDF Features:  Overview of the PDF tools in FileCenter. (3:00)
Scanning Scanning:  Overview of the scanning features in FileCenter. (3:00)