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Client Portal Tutorials
Administration - Part 1: Managing Users Administration - Part 1: Managing Users:  Adding firm Users is a simple process. This video will show how to add, edit and delete a FileCenter Portal User at your firm. (3:00)
Sharing - Part 1: Sharing Basics Sharing - Part 1: Sharing Basics:  When it comes to sharing files, there are many ways that we can consider; email, printing, even faxing. Client Portals have become well known over the past 5 years for sending files securely to clients. This video will go over some quick basics of how and why you want to use FileCenter Portal. (7:00)
Sharing - Part 2: Uploading Files Sharing - Part 2: Uploading Files:  Sending files to clients has never been easier now that FileCenter and FileCenter Portal are tightly integrated. This video shows you how quick and easy it is to upload a file to your client's secure portal. (1:10)
Sharing - Part 3: Downloading Files Sharing - Part 3: Downloading Files:  When using the FileCenter Portal, sending files to your clients has never been easier. But the same can be said when your client uses their secure portal to upload files to you. Accessing the files they have uploaded and bringing them into the FileCenter Document Management software is easy to do. This video shows you just how quickly you can store a file that has been uploaded to the portal into your FileCenter client folders. (2:00)
Sharing - Part 4: Sharing Permissions, Passwords, and Expiration Dates Sharing - Part 4: Sharing Permissions, Passwords, and Expiration Dates:  Setting up a shared folder is simple to do, but there is much more to just creating a client folder. This video will discuss how you can manage the shared access by adding upload permissions, passwords and expiration dates. (3:20)
Sharing - Part 5: Managing Shares Sharing - Part 5: Managing Shares:  When managing the folders shared with your clients, you may want to change who has access to the folder, or even add passwords or expiration dates. In this video, you will learn how to add permissions, edit permissions or remove permissions on a shared portal that has already been created. (3:45)
Sharing - Part 6: Resending Guest User Links Sharing - Part 6: Resending Guest User Links:  In this video, you will learn how to resend the Guest User link to your client in the case they have deleted their initial email, or had forgotten to save the link as a favorite in their internet browser. (2:00)