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FileCenter is fast becoming the top scanning and document management software, especially in small offices. FileCenter combines easy scanning and file organization with powerful PDF creation and editing. It also includes OCR, Search, and a brandable Client Portal. For online file access, it even integrates with popular cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more.

Here's What FileCenter Does ...

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Turn your paper into searchable PDFs with a single mouse click. Clearing paper from your desk has never been easier or faster.

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Manage your stored files in an interface that makes sense: electronic file cabinets. Works with any kind of file from any Windows program on the PC or the server.

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PDF is the standard. Make them, manipulate them, and use them in FileCenter. Easy PDF tools and a full-fledged PDF editor make it a snap.

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Make your scans, images, faxes and other documents text searchable. Or convert a scan back into a regular Word or Excel file that you can edit.

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Get a quick peek at a file without even opening it, thanks to FileCenter's preview window. It's as easy easy as thumbing through paper documents.

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Sometimes the quickest way to a document is a keyword search. Search through your documents as easily as you search the web.

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Now everyone in the office can access the same files. And if you need to share documents with clients, our integrated Client Portal will help you do it.

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FileCenter works seamlessly with all of the major cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, giving you online and mobile access to your files.

It's Four Times Easy!

  1. Easy to Install.  FileCenter can be rolled out in no time. Just download the setup file, install it, and get to work. It uses the Windows file system to store files, eliminating complex databases.
  2. Easy to Learn.  FileCenter is very intuitive. New users will instantly pick up its Cabinet paradigm and immediately feel comfortable with its user interface. There are also lots of how-to and training videos available for any level of user.
  3. Easy to Use.  FileCenter has many great features like document scanning, file management, and the ability to create and edit PDFs. It also includes OCR, search, folder templates, and more. And they all have one thing in common: easy to use.
  4. Easy on the Wallet.  FileCenter is the low-cost leader in document management. You pay a one-time fee and you own the software. There are no painful monthly charges. You can deploy it to the entire office without breaking the bank.

Seeing is believing, so start your FREE TRIAL today.

FileCenter Editions

File Management Features Standard Pro Pro Plus
Electronic file cabinets x x x
Cloud compatible x x x
Easy network sharing   x x
Inbox for receiving incoming files x x x
Save/Open integration with other programs x x x
Name files from lists of common filenames x x x
Dynamic file naming rules   x x
Reusable folder layouts x x x
Folder status indicators   x x
Colorize folders   x x
Image preview; document preview (unformatted) x x x
Formatted document preview   x x
Basic thumbnails for image files x x x
Enhanced thumbnails for most kinds of files   x x
Send files by e-mail x x x
Search your local cabinets (Windows Search) x x x
Search your network cabinets   x x
Back/Forward buttons for quick navigation x x x
View two locations at once for moving files x x x
Rename files as you move them   x x
Paste an image as a file   x x
Outlook e-mail management   x x
Application bar for quick access to other programs x x x
Recycle bin for network files   x x
PDF Features Standard Pro Pro Plus
Open and view PDF files x x x
Stamp, highlight, and annotate PDF files x x x
Add comments and notes to PDFs x x x
Password-protect PDFs x x x
Delete and rearrange pages x x x
Type on PDFs x x x
Fill out PDF forms x x x
Create PDF forms   x x
Add text, images, and watermarks to PDFs   x x
Edit the text and images in PDFs   x x
Add headers, footers, and page numbering to PDFs   x x
Add Bates stamps to PDFs   x x
Add barcodes to PDFs   x x
Redact information in PDFs   x x
Insert pages or move pages between files   x x
Combine or stack PDF files   x x
Split PDF files or extract pages   x x
Digitally sign PDFs   x x
PDF print driver for creating PDF files from any source   x x
Convert old TIFF scans to PDF   x x
Batch-convert files to PDF   x x
Convert files to PDF when you email them   x x
Convert Office files to PDF   x x
Convert PDFs to Office files     x
Scanning Features Standard Pro Pro Plus
Desktop scanning (TWAIN) x x x
ScanSnap scanning x x x
Set up your own scanning profiles x x x
Scan directly into a file cabinet x x x
Scan directly to a word processor (unformatted)   x x
Scan to e-mail   x x
Scan to searchable PDF   x x
Automatic document separation   x x
Automatic document routing   x x
Separate and route based on document content     x
Automatic document bookmarking   x x
Basic page fixes when you scan   x x
Touch up scanned images manually   x x
Automatic image cleanup for new or existing scans     x
Barcode Support     x
OCR Features Standard Pro Pro Plus
Make scanned documents & PDFs searchable   x x
Make old PDFs searchable   x x
Copy text from scanned PDFs   x x
Multi-threaded OCR   x x
Tesseract OCR engine   x x
ReadIris OCR engine     x
Zonal OCR     x
Automatically name files using OCR text     x
Administrative Features Standard Pro Pro Plus
Export/import settings x x x
Settings can be administered over the network   x x
Individual features can be locked out   x x
Support & Upgrade Protection Standard Pro Pro Plus
Access to video tutorials and Knowledge Base x x x
Upgrade protection* x x x
Email support*   x x
*With a current Maintenance plan (see below)

FileCenter Screenshots

PDF Scanning

Need to scan documents? Then you know that nothing slows down an office like document scanning. Fortunately, FileCenter was made to take full advantage of scanners, creating an easy workflow for processing paper documents into filed, organized, and fully-searchable PDFs. With FileCenter, you'll move paper to your computer as fast as your scanner can run it through. To speed up document scanning even further, FileCenter can automatically separate stacks of documents and even save them to the right client folder for you. You've never had a more reliable filing assistant. All of the tedious tasks, like making your scans searchable with OCR, happen behind the scenes automatically. Do you need to scan a document into Word for editing? Email a paper document? Or maybe just add more pages to an existing scan? Not a problem ... any more.

Document Management

Whether you are a home or business user, everyone is drowning in computer files. Use FileCenter document management software to manage any kind of file in a way that anyone can understand: electronic filing cabinets, the world's simplest storage design. You can bring every one of your existing files into FileCenter for organizing without messy imports or conversions, then begin to enjoy FileCenter's powerful document management features like naming options, folder templates, and a quick file preview. Sometimes the fastest way to find a file is through a search. With FileCenter's built-in search feature, you can find your files as fast as you can type in your query.

PDF Conversion & Editing

FileCenter embraces every aspect of PDFs from creating them to editing them. FileCenter doesn't just support PDF conversion and PDF editing, it makes them as easy as possible. For example, drag and drop PDFs onto each other to combine them. Split documents, merge documents, and add or delete pages. Manipulate your PDFs using powerful PDF editing features designed for the novice. Add notes, highlights, or stamps to a PDF, digitally sign a PDF, or fill out your PDF forms, and do it all without leaving FileCenter. That's convenience. PDF creation is just as easy. Convert any kind of file to PDF with the included PDF printer, or convert existing files to PDF with the click of a button. PDF processes aren't an afterthought with FileCenter, they're an integral part of the solution.

Document Management for Small Businesses

Small businesses and professional offices have been largely ignored in the document management and DMS arena, including financial planners, lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses – in short, any small industry that deals with high volumes of paper to process, image, and organize, from invoices to receipts to contracts to quality control documents to financial statements to medical records and estate plans. These industries have been forced either to struggle under the weight and cost of full enterprise systems or to choose to go without.

In a recent document scanning software review, the user said:

After we had exerted a great effort speaking with companies supplying paperless office software to large firms, one executive finally said to us, "we can do it, but our software starts at $15,000; however, I know a company that has just what you want: Lucion." Most products can do most of what you need, but FileCenter is always several steps ahead of what we need. I am impressed every day.

FileCenter is the low-cost leader in document management!
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