Compare FileCenter to PaperPort

Many users are making the jump from PaperPort to FileCenter. But is FileCenter right for you? Look at our detailed, feature-by-feature comparison table.

File Management Features FileCenter Pro PaperPort Pro
Electronic file cabinets Included  
Save/Open integration with other programs Included  
Inbox for receiving incoming files Included  
File preview for most common files Included  
Send files by e-mail Included Included
Re-use common filenames; file naming rules Included  
Set up reusable folder layouts Included Included
Recycle bin for network files Included  
Application bar to access other programs Included Included
View two locations at once for moving files Included Included
Drop Renaming to rename files as you move them Included  
Integrated search for local and network files Included Included
Document thumbnails Included Included
Create custom thumbnail layouts   Included
Outlook file and e-mail management Included  
PDF Features FileCenter Pro PaperPort Pro
View and edit PDF files Included Included
Stamp, highlight, and annotate PDF files Included Included
Add comments and notes to PDFs Included Included
Digitally sign PDFs Included  
Fill out PDF forms Included Included
Use any PDF as a form Included Included
Add text to PDFs Included Included
Password-protect PDFs Included Included
Delete and rearrange pages Included Included
Insert pages or move pages between files Included Included
Combine or stack PDF files Included Included
Split PDF files or extract pages Included Included
PDF print driver for creating PDF files Included Included
Make PDFs from any application Included Included
Convert old TIFF scans to PDF Included Included
Convert office files to PDF Included Included
Batch-convert files to PDF Included Included
Email office files as PDFs Included  
Scanning Features FileCenter Pro PaperPort Pro
Desktop scanning (TWAIN) Included Included
ScanSnap scanning Included  
Scanning tools, like blank page removal, deskew, etc. Included Included
Touch up scanned images Included Included
One-click document cleanup   Included
Set up your own scanning profiles Included Included
Scan to searchable PDF Included Included
Scan directly into a file cabinet Included  
Scan directly to a word processor Included  
Scan to e-mail Included  
Automatic document separation Included Included
Automatic document routing Included  
Barcode Support Included  
Automatic document bookmarking Included  
Automatic page rotation Included Included
OCR Features FileCenter Pro PaperPort Pro
Make scanned documents & PDFs searchable Included Included
Make old PDFs searchable Included Included
Copy text from scanned PDFs Included Included
User-selectable OCR engine Included  
Built-in multi-lingual OCR with high accuracy Included Included
Use OCR text in filenames Included  
Scheduled OCR   Included
Administrative Features FileCenter Pro PaperPort Pro
Easy network sharing Included  
Settings can be administered over the network Included  
Individual features can be locked out Included  


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