What to Look for in a Neat Desk or Neat Receipts Replacement

Looking for a Neat alternative? Look for a system that puts simplicity as its top priority. Even more importantly, look for a system that keeps your files on your own computer, where they belong. Does a viable Neat alternative exist? Absolutely. And the alternative is FileCenter.

This article will discuss the key considerations when replacing Neat Desk or Neat Receipts and shows you why we recommend FileCenter.

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Article Summary

  • A Neat Desk/Receipts replacement needs to not just provide document scanning, it should excel at it
  • Since PDF is the de-facto format for archiving documents, a Neat replacement should provide a full range of PDF tools
  • A good Neat alternative will still provide a user-friendly interface but it should free the files from a database and the Cloud
  • It's possible to replace Neat with a solution that's fully compatible with all of your Windows programs
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Replace Neat's Scanning

A key feature of any paperless scanning software like Neat Receipts and Neat Desk is document scanning. FileCenter document scanning software, which is our recommended Neat replacement, features simple, one-click scanning, where you can rapidly scan a document to PDF and file it in one action. For even greater control, you also have the option to scan into a full-fledged PDF editor, where you have tools to annotate and touch up the image. You can scan new pages into existing files, scan directly to an email message, or scan to Word or Excel for those times when you need to reuse a document. Of course, being able to find your scans matters too. Which is why FileCenter can automatically include OCR to ensure that all new scans are fully-searchable PDF files.

Get More PDF Tools than Neat Receipts or Neat Desk

All document archiving should be done in PDF format. So your Neat alternative and replacement should provide all of the necessary features for working with PDF files. In this sense, you can not only replace Neat, you can potentially improve on it.

Many former Neat users love FileCenter's PDF features, especially PDF stacking – the ability to drag-and-drop PDF files on each other to combine them. Unlike Neat, FileCenter includes a PDF editor right in the interface. Without ever leaving the software, you'll be able to edit and annotate your PDFs and even fill out PDF forms.

Don't Accept Neat's File Storage

Neat Desk and Neat Receipts made a big mistake: putting all of your files in a database. Neat then turned a big mistake into a monumental mistake when they moved those files from your computer to the Cloud.

Users want control over their files. Unfortunately, the Neat storage method deprives users of control. First, it places your scans in a different place than the rest of your files, like Word documents and spreadsheets. Second, the Neat storage method restricts you from being able to use other programs. For example, if you have a favorite image-editing program, you can't use it with Neat Desk or Neat Receipts. Finally, if you ever choose to stop using Neat, you will have to export all of your data.

An alternate approach to file storage – one makes more sense for many users – is to keep your files in standard Windows folders, right on your own hard drive. This allows you to organize your scans side-by-side with your other Windows files, it gives you unfettered access to your files, and most importantly, it keeps you in control.

In this scenario, FileCenter shines as a Neat alternative and replacement. FileCenter uses an electronic file cabinet layout for organizing your files – a very simple concept for most users to grasp. But behind the scenes, FileCenter stores those files on your hard drive in standard Windows folders. You never have to worry about having access or control. Additionally, FileCenter integrates with almost every Windows program. As a result, you can save your Word documents side-by-side with your scans. And for those who enjoy Cloud access, FileCenter can optionally integrate with leading Cloud services, like OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox.

Our Recommended Neat Alternative and Replacement

FileCenter evolved from the real-world needs of real-world users, resulting in such convenient features as suggested file names, consistent folder layouts, file thumbnails and a document preview window, just to name a few. Not only is FileCenter a viable Neat alternative and replacement, it improves on Neat in many ways. Download a free trial today.

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