Choose the Paperless OCR Software That's Right for You

If you've started scanning documents to create a paperless office, you know how important it is to be able to search and index your scans. In other words, you know how important OCR is. FileCenter, the low-cost leader in paperless OCR software, makes OCR a seamless part of your workflow. Automatically OCR new scans, or OCR your existing files with the click of a button. Even index and search your documents without leaving the interface. Discover why so many offices are shifting to FileCenter paperless office software for OCR.

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Article Summary

  • What is OCR?
  • Why do you need OCR in your paperless office?
  • OCR should be seamless and automatic
  • Batch OCR will take the pain out of updating old scans
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What is Paperless OCR Software?

In the paperless office, Optical character recognition (or "OCR") software identifies text in a scanned document. A scan is just a picture to your computer – even though you can see text, your computer just sees an image. Paperless OCR software "recognizes" letters and words in the scan and turns it into real text.

Why Do You Need OCR Software in Your Paperless Office?

Paperless OCR software makes your scanned documents more useful. Once automatic paperless OCR software exposes the text, you can copy text right from the scan, edit the text in a word processor, and use a desktop search engine to search the body of the scan. None of this is possible without paperless OCR software.

OCR Software Should be Automatic

OCR in a paperless office can't be a cumbersome, additional step. That's why all FileCenter DMS document scanning software integrates OCR as a seamless part of your paperless scanning workflow. Use FileCenter with your desktop scanner to get PDF files with OCR text in one click. Or open old scans and quickly extract the text or convert them to searchable PDF.

Do You Need Batch OCR Software?

How do you make thousands of old scans searchable? How do you run OCR with a network scanner? FileConvert batch conversion software is the answer. Use FileConvert to convert all of your existing scans to searchable PDF. OCR is an automatic part of the process. Put FileConvert paperless OCR software to work for you.  Learn More »

Why We Recommend FileCenter

FileCenter is paperless OCR software that understands the pain points offices feel when they try to go paperless. The only thing slower than scanning itself is making those scans searchable. That's why FileCenter automates as many of those steps as possible. For example, when you scan, you shouldn't have to think about converting the scan to PDR or running OCR. That's why in FileCenter, a scan is just a scan. Scan your documents, knowing that FileCenter's taking care of everything else behind the scenes. It's time to discover why so many offices are going paperless with FileCenter. Download a free trial today!

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