Simple & Secure File Sharing

When it comes to sharing confidential documents with your clients and customers, email just won't do. You need a secure, encrypted portal that will safely pass documents to only the intended recipients. Yet the process is no harder than sending an email. Documents are the life-blood of business. Keep yours safe from prying eyes.

Get started with a free trial today. There's nothing to install. In just a few minutes, you can begin experiencing the peace of knowing that your client's sensitive information remains between you and your client.

Here's Why You Need the FileCenter Client Portal ...

A Safer Way to Share

Did you know that email has no security layers? None. Zilch. Zip. Which means that anyone with even a little know-how can peek at your email while it's in transit ... anywhere along the Information Superhighway. So if you're still using email to send sensitive documents to your colleagues, clients, or customers, you'd better rethink your practices. The FileCenter Client Portal, on the other hand, keeps these private documents fully locked down during the whole journey. Think of the FileCenter Client Portal as an armored delivery truck for your confidential papers.

An Easier Way to Share

Many choose to use email for its convenience. But the FileCenter Client Portal is just as easy. There are two simple steps: select a file to share, and enter the email address of the person you want to share it with. That's it. The FileCenter Client Portal does the rest. Your recipient will receive a special email with an access link they can click to securely download the file. No harder than sending or saving an email attachment.

A Two-Way Street

The FileCenter Client Portal isn't a one-way street. Not only can you share documents with your clients, customers, or patients, they can share their documents with you. A perfect way for your clientelle to securely transmit sensitive financial documents, health records, contracts, deeds, etc., the FileCenter Client Portal allows you to be the service provider who cares about your clients' privacy.

Freedom to Change Your Mind

Have you ever emailed a sensitive document to the wrong person? Or sent the wrong document by mistake? Or just flat out changed your mind? With email, once you click Send, there's no going back. But with the FileCenter Client Portal, you're free to change your mind. As long as the other party hasn't downloaded the document yet, you can pull the plug. Sometimes that extra bit of control can go a long way.

Safe and Secure in the Cloud

Your shared files are kept safe in a secure Cloud vault. This simple fact gives you an extra level of power: you can share the same document with as many people as you wish. You can also update the document as often as you wish, and everyone will be notified of the change automatically. That's convenience.

Personalize with Your Own Branding

Your file sharing portal represents your business. That's why the FileCenter Client Portal lets you personalize its branding. Proudly display your company's logo and even customize the web address your clientelle will use to get to the site. When users come to the portal to access their files, they'll feel the security of knowing that they can trust the source.

On-the-Go Access

An easy-to-use web interface means that you can share files from any place where you can get on the Internet. And the FileCenter Client Portal makes it just as easy for the other party to reach the shared files, regardless of what kind of screen they're looking at – desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Available Plans

Feature Professional Standard
Number of users 5 1
Storage space 15 GB 3 GB
Guests (the people you're sharing files with) unlimited unlimited
Price $19.99/month $9.99/month