FileCenter Professional Services

FileCenter can help you get your paperless office running at peak level, from implementation help to training and optimization. Contact us to discuss your needs:


Training Service Package (recommended for all users)

The Training Service package helps your users become experts in capturing and managing your important business documents. Some of the things that we cover include:

  • Scanning and printing your files
  • Setting up file structures
  • Setting up file naming procedures
  • Working with and editing documents
  • Managing your files
  • And more ...

Call us for more information and for a price quote.

Remote Implementation and Consulting (recommended for 1-5 users)

The Remote Implementation and Consulting package offers companies a way to get up and running quickly. We remotely log onto your system, install the software, and get all of the users set up. We then assist in setting the file structure, help with importing existing files, etc. The service is custom-tailored to your needs. Call us for more information and for a price quote.

Onsite Implementation and Consulting (recommended for more than 5 users)

The Onsite Implementation and Consulting package brings our experts to your office. We work with your users to implement or re-implement the software to better suit your needs. After fine-tuning the software to fit your workflow, we conclude by training your staff on how to use the system efficiently. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Scanning Services

Do you have a massive paper archive that you want digitized, but can't sacrifice the staff to take it on? Then our Scanning Services are what you need. Our team will come into your office to do the scanning for you. We provide our own scanning equipment, but leave the drives and files with you. Even if you don't use FileCenter, we can still take care of your scanning needs. For information and pricing, please contact us.