Technical Support

Step 1:  Are You Running the Latest?

We frequently update FileCenter and FileConvert with the latest bug fixes. If you're experiencing a problem, try updating first.

Step 2:  Self-Help

Our User Guide, Knowledge Base, and tutorial videos provide no-nonsense explanations to help you get up and running.

Step 3:  Contact Technical Support

Use technical support for technical inquiries only. For product questions, price quotes, demos, etc., contact our Sales team.

Support Advisories

MalwareBytes "Riskware" Advisory

When you launch FileCenter, MalwareBytes says "Website blocked due to riskware". THIS IS NOT A VIRUS.

Please see these instructions »

The Email Button Fails with Outlook

A recent Outlook update prevents FileCenter's Email button from working.

Please see these instructions »

Common Problems/Solutions

Ninety percent of our support inquiries deal with a few common problems. These articles and videos will get you to a solution quickly.

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