Looking for Scanning OCR Software? Try FileCenter!

While most scanning OCR software is labor-intensive and requires extra steps FileCenter document scanning software makes scanning with OCR as easy as a mouse click. You don't have time to waste with cumbersome software or extra steps. That's why FileCenter makes OCR an automatic, seamless part of your workflow. Discover why you can accomplish more with FileCenter scanning OCR software.

About Scanning OCR Software

Scanning OCR software is important any time you scan documents. To your computer, a scanned image is just a picture. While you can see characters and words in the scan, your computer just sees a picture. OCR is a way of identifying the real text in the scanned document. Scanning OCR software scans a document, then takes the scanned image and exposes the text, making it searchable. In this role, it's functioning as PDF scanning software, producing searchable PDF files.

Why Do You Need Scanning OCR Software?

Scanning OCR software makes a scanned document much more useful. You now have real text that you can send to a word processor. Or alternatively, you can embed the text behind the scanned image in a searchable PDF, creating a scan that looks just like the original but can be searched like other documents. FileCenter makes all of this possible with one-click simplicity.

Discover How Easy FileCenter Is

With some things, seeing is believing. So click on the video to the left and watch why thousands of users are turning to FileCenter. Then take FileCenter for a spin with a FREE TRIAL. FileCenter helps offices in every profession and industry accomplish more while saving time and money.

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