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Get Organized with FileCenter

Looking for an easy way to scan paper documents and organize your computer files? It's time to try the solution that's got everyone talking: FileCenter. FileCenter is simple yet powerful desktop software, designed to help businesses, professionals, and home users scan, organize, edit, convert, OCR, and find files ... effortlessly.
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Get Searchable with FileConvert

For those needing to convert and OCR thousands of documents to fully searchable PDF, FileConvert is the easy answer. Designed to be simple enough for average users and priced within reach of small businesses, FileConvert will work behind the scenes to make sure that your document archives are kept fully searchable.
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Lucion Paperless Office Software

Looking for simple, effective paperless office software? Come see how Lucion's paperless software makes scanning, search, and file organization easy and painless, with full support for PDF.  Try it FREE!

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Protect Your Files with CrashPlan

Your files are too valuable to leave unprotected. Hardware failure, computer theft, fire, flooding – what will wipe out your data? CrashPlan is easy, automatic backup to the cloud, keeping your files securely out of harm's way. Already have backup? Add more! Redundancy is never overkill when it comes to your data.

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What Our Customers Say about Going Paperless with Lucion

Apart from my day job as a lawyer, I write the "Hands On" tech column each week in the Australian Financial Review. AFR is roughly equivalent to the Aussie version of the Wall Street Journal. Thought you'd like to know that we ran a piece on FileCenter a couple of weeks ago, and it has generated more than a little interest. I've been running a few trial editions at my law firm to get other perspectives on FileCenter, and I now have a problem :-) My people aren't willing to let it go.... It looks like FileCenter is here to stay in this office! It's a great product, so keep up the good work. Cheers.

- P. M.

My prior employer used to dedicate a large room to paper files which were shelved from floor to ceiling. When I went out on my own, I made it my mission to run a paperless office. After three years of PaperPort, scanning was beginning to become overwhelming and crashes were too regular. I found FileCenter and tried your free trial. I bought it the next day. I LOVE the stability, automatic file naming, drag and drop naming, and Outlook email filing was a complete bonus! You cannot imagine the hours of work you are saving me. Thank you!

- J. P. S.

I was skeptical about FileCenter, at first. Charging for a program that would scan and rename files for me seemed too simple to be of any use. After all, I had a scanner and OCR software already installed on my computer and could rename files myself. However, I decided to give it a try and downloaded the free trial. I watched several of the tutorials, and scanned and caught up on everything in one weekend. I couldn't believe how easy and painless it was. Now, my files are all available at the push of a button. A week of paperwork that could have taken hours takes about 15 minutes to manage, and with better results. The simplicity of FileCenter is what makes it so powerful. Simplifying scanning and saving files with consistent naming conventions really does make a difference.

- C. D.

FINALLY! I've been struggling with PaperPort for several years with buggy operation and terrible technical support. I vowed to never buy a Nuance product again. With some healthy skepticism, I tried FileCenter Pro and within 24 hours I was sold ... spent the $200 without batting an eye and it continues to be well worth my investment. The program continues to impress me and has been very stable on Windows 8.1 x64 with my Fujitsu FI-5120C. I've scanned over 6,000 pages since my purchase less than 2 weeks ago. Not a single hiccup. Great job to the developers and QA department! This is an excellent product. I'm very pleased I tried it out and eventually became a very satisfied customer. Thank you!!

- M. B.

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