Older Versions of FileCenter and FileConvert

Use these files to reinstall your program. Please check your version number carefully.

NOTE: You must have a valid product key to install these programs.

Download Description
FileCenter 8.0 Setup FileCenter 8.0 Installation File (Version   Fixes ODBC errors
FileCenter 7.1 Setup FileCenter 7.1 Installation File (Version   Use for Windows 8; not compatible with Windows 10
FileCenter 7.1 Setup FileCenter 7.1 Installation File (Version;   Use only for Windows 7 and older
FileCenter 6.6 Setup FileCenter 6.6 Installation File (Version
FileCenter 5.0 Setup FileCenter Version 5.0 Installation File
FileCenter 4.0 Setup FileCenter & FileImage Version 4.0 Installation File
FileConvert 8.0 Setup FileConvert 8.0 Installation File (Version
FileConvert 7.1 Setup FileConvert Version 7.1 Installation File
FileConvert 6.0 Setup FileConvert Version 6.0 Installation File
FileConvert 5.0 Setup FileConvert Version 5.0 Installation File
FilePDF 5.0 Setup FilePDF Version 5.0 Installation File


  • Use the same setup file for updating your product or for installing it fresh.
  • Use the same setup file for both Standard and Professional versions.
  • If you are installing on a new computer, you will need your Product Key. If you have lost your key, contact Customer Service.