Older Versions of FileCenter and FileConvert

Use these files to reinstall your program. Please check your version number carefully.

NOTE: You must have a valid product key to install these programs.

Download Description
FileCenter 10.0 Setup FileCenter 10.0 Installation File (Version
FileCenter 9 Setup FileCenter 9.0 Installation File (Version
FileCenter 8 Setup FileCenter 8.0 Installation File (Version   Fixes ODBC errors
FileCenter 7.1 Setup FileCenter 7.1 Installation File (Version   Use for Windows 8; not compatible with Windows 10
FileCenter 7.1 Setup FileCenter 7.1 Installation File (Version;   Use only for Windows 7 and older
FileCenter 6.6 Setup FileCenter 6.6 Installation File (Version
FileCenter 5 Setup FileCenter Version 5 Installation File
FileCenter 4 Setup FileCenter & FileImage Version 4 Installation File
FileConvert 10.0 Setup FileConvert 10.0 Installation File (Version
FileConvert 9 Setup FileConvert 9 Installation File (Version
FileConvert 8 Setup FileConvert 8 Installation File (Version
FileConvert 7.1 Setup FileConvert Version 7.1 Installation File
FileConvert 6 Setup FileConvert Version 6 Installation File
FileConvert 5 Setup FileConvert Version 5 Installation File
FilePDF 5 Setup FilePDF Version 5 Installation File


  • Use the same setup file for updating your product or for installing it fresh.
  • Use the same setup file for both Standard and Professional versions.
  • If you are installing on a new computer, you will need your Product Key. If you have lost your key, contact Customer Service.