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Wishing for good file organization software? Discover FileCenter. FileCenter helps you organize any file, anywhere on your computer. FileCenter is file organization software with a layout that's easy and comfortable, even for beginners.

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FileCenter is the file organization software that's compatible with all of your files and programs. FileCenter supports every file type and integrates with most programs' Save and Open functions. At the same time, it's file organization software that's completely compatible with Windows Explorer.

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When you use FileCenter, you'll enjoy file organization software with the latest technologies and features, like easy e-mail attachments, folder templates, smart file naming, and desktop search. It's time to discover the perfect file organization software, FileCenter.


I can't tell you how many times network files have been deleted accidentally. Now I can actually get them back!

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Feature Highlight: Intelligent Routing.

FileCenter's separator technology goes beyond traditional separators. Separators can give special routing information for files. This means that a stack of paper documents can be separated and routed automatically!

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