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FileCenter is simple, streamlined scan to PDF software. Your time is precious and you need software that makes the most of it. FileCenter gives you one-click scanning to fully searchable PDF. Scan and organize effortlessly. And enjoy built-in tools to help you edit your PDF files. Discover FileCenter, the easy scan to PDF software software that helps you accomplish more.

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Looking for an easy way to scan paper documents and organize your computer files? It's time to try the solution that's got everyone talking: FileCenter. FileCenter is simple yet powerful desktop software, designed to help businesses, professionals, and home users scan, organize, edit, convert, OCR, and find files ... effortlessly.  Learn more about FileCenter.

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About Scan to PDF Software

Scan to PDF software uses a TWAIN compatible desktop scanner to turn paper documents into PDF files. The files are perfect copies of the original documents. This makes it a snap to archive or share paper documents electronically, essential tasks for any office that wants to go paperless. Which is why so many offices are starting to use PDF scanning software.

Why Use Scan to PDF Software?

There are good reasons why you should use scan to PDF software. Keeping a PDF copy of a document meets statutory document retention requirements, but has no storage costs. A PDF file is faster to store and retrieve. Compare the speed of pulling up an electronic document on your computer to the time it takes to locate and retrieve a paper document from storage. It can also be backed up offsite to reduce the risk of loss. And when you use scan to PDF software with automated OCR, you get a PDF file which can be searched just like any other document.

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